[Brand Reveal] Celebrating You with a New Look

Inspired by extraordinary marketers like you, we’re revealing a new brand identity and message. We want to empower you to do your absolute best work. To go above and beyond. To strap a rocket on your marketing then climb on as you light the fuse. We’re not about hum-drum campaigns, and neither are you.

Ultimately, we want to help you make extra your new normal. Extra campaigns, extra leads, extra sales.

But we needed a visual identity that reflected this message—one that really captured what we stand for as a company. And so, after almost a decade, Unbounce has a new look. Today (for those of you who are especially curious), we’re sharing the specifics. Read on to learn what we’ve changed and why.

Why Now?

We know this isn’t the first rebrand you’ve seen this year, and it’s probably not going to be the last. Software brands are all about makeovers these days. But as we approached Unbounce’s 10-year anniversary, it became important for us to refine and unify our brand as we gear up for what’s ahead.

For one, we knew our look and feel wasn’t totally aligned with our brand promise. Unbounce has always been about giving you the tools and support you need to execute amazing marketing. We wanted a visual identity that celebrated the incredible people who use our platform to do extraordinary things every day.

We also recognized that elements of our brand weren’t always consistent. For example: We publish a ton of educational content, but our safe design and copy choices sometimes led people to view us as overly scientific. (Don’t get us wrong, we <3 data, but we’re good without the lab coat, thanks.) We wanted to better embody the bold, witty, smart, helpful, unexpected character of the people who work here.

So, we got to work. Beginning as far back as January 2018, our internal team collaborated to ensure the Unbounce brand expresses who we are.

What’s Changed?

When we kicked off this project, we saw loads of other tech companies moving in a particular direction. They chose illustrative styles focusing more on product (or abstract, geometric shapes) than people. There was a trend in color, too—lots of blues and purples meant to evoke a sense of safety and reliability.

And, hey, product illustrations are great. Safety and reliability are some of our favorite nouns. But we had to go in a different direction.


Let’s start with color. Unbounce’s evolved palette introduces a vibrancy that captures some of that brand personality we’re talking about. (Fun fact: it also meets the standards for contrast accessibility.)

Now, we know we mentioned that there are color trends in SaaS, but blue has always been integral to Unbounce’s identity (and we intentionally kept that element of brand recognition). That said, there was an opportunity to make it more distinct.

Unbounce Brand - Color Palette

We tweaked the tone a little to make the color more vivid, more pronounced. This new, vibrant Unbounce blue made people in our test groups feel something that the old, muted blue just didn’t. That’s when we knew we got this part right.

We’ve also adopted pink as a primary color, which we feel embodies the boldness we’re aiming for. Along with new green and yellow accents, these colors help us stand out and give us lots of options.

Unbounce Brand - Color Hierarchy


We want to bring marketers to the forefront of the Unbounce brand, and we feel the most authentic way to do this is through photography. Our designers were inspired by sports photography that put athletes in power poses. We want to convey marketing performance in the same way.

Unbounce Brand - Marketer Portraits

These portraits are all about expressing the feeling you get when you create unbelievable marketing—when you obliterate your conversion targets or build landing pages that make your CMO drool. Our models are strong, confident, remarkable. They’re in control, and their results speak for themselves. (Oh—they’re a lot like our customers.)

We decided our photography should be characterized by negative space and added depth, giving lots of breathing room and keeping the focus on our subject—you. Layered compositions let us convey more information through shapes and patterns.

Unbounce Brand - Marketer Layered

In that vein, we’re also using a lot of photography that features people in motion, moving from one space to another. This represents marketers choosing extra—extra leads, extra sales—and leaving average, not-going-in-the-portfolio marketing behind.

Unbounce Brand - Marketer Moving


Typography evokes a feeling. To quote our own Denis Suhopoljac: “When you see Comic Sans, you know what kind of feeling you get.” It fondly reminds us of getting chain emails from Grandma. Checkmate, Denis.

Our new headline typeface is Barlow Semi Condensed, which aligns with Unbounce’s brand in its strength and simplicity. We’re also using Source Sans Pro as a complementary typeface. Both of these fonts are super flexible and wicked legible. (Look—you’re reading them right now!) They’ll also scale with us as we grow.

Unbounce Brand - Typography


Admittedly, our wordmark is something that was tricky for us. We’ve tweaked the Unbounce logo a couple of times since the original—just made it cleaner, simpler over the years.

Still, something wasn’t quite working—and this time around, we had to keep iterating. We recognized the contrast, balance, and kerning weren’t behaving the way we’d hoped. The logo couldn’t be centered properly on marketing materials and was tough to replicate. We decided to redraw the wordmark completely and give it a more harmonious feel.

Unbounce Brand - New Logo

The new Unbounce logo is smoother, more defined, and—even when viewed at the same sizing as the old one—it comes across bolder. It also works more effectively across different applications and formats.

Unbounce Brand - Logo Comparison

Same (New) Unbounce

These changes are already in play on the Unbounce website, which was due for a makeover.

Unbounce Brand - Website Comparison

Be sure to check out our new homepage and tour around. You’ll also see how we’re using our refreshed brand plenty over the coming months (*cough* CTAConf *cough*), so be sure to keep an eye on the blog and social.

Overall, this update isn’t about changing who we are. It’s about becoming more who we are and better reflecting you. If you’ve been with us from the start, we hope you find this fresh coat of paint embodies the Unbounce you’ve come to know this past decade. And—if you’ll let us—we’d love to keep growing with you.

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