Unbounce Adds Industry Leaders to Advisory Team (Fishkin, Ries, Goward, Hauser & Martell)

It’s been a pretty exciting year so far at Unbounce and it just keeps getting better. In just 9 short months, we reached cash-flow positive, made our first hires, developed some great partnerships, and have met some really amazing people. Our customer base has grown to over 1000 businesses, many of whom have gone out of their way and taken the time to provide us with feedback, help other customers via our support forum, and help us in ways that we never imagined.

Unveiling the new Unbounce advisory team…

And while we’ve been on a winning path, we haven’t done it alone. Like all companies, we face many challenges that, as first time entrepreneurs, our previous experiences had not necessarily equipped us for.

Since day one, we’ve sought advice from individuals we’ve met along the way. And while I have a very long list of people I someday have to buy a drink, here’s the short list we’d like to thank (hope I didn’t forget anyone):

Boris Mann, Kirk Marsh, John Hossack, Danny Robinson (and all at Bootup), John & Josh Bixby, Mike Brooks, Neil Bainton, Debbie Landa, Brent Holliday, Mark Dance, Vik Khanna, Roberta Rosenburg, Dean Prelazzi, Jim Derbyshire, Raquel Hirsch, Tim Ash, Sunil Manyal, Rasool Rayani, Ken & Nathan Morrison, Ben Jesson, Kale Raddage, Rob Lewis, Lane Becker, Ryan Holmes, Ben Fisher, Ethan Anderson, Wayne Zielke, Keith Spencer and David Skok (every entrepreneur must read David’s blog). Thank you for your time, your feedback, your introductions, your referrals, great partnerships, and taking our calls without hesitation. You’re all awesome!

Looking forward, rather than continue to bug the hell out of our friends and neighbors and rely exclusively on our growing network of contacts, we realized that it’s time to formalize an advisory team made up of individuals that have already gone through the challenges we face and have strengths in areas where we are weakest.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve sought out thought leaders in their respective fields who could help with our current and future challenges and ultimately play an important role in the success of Unbounce. We looked for individuals that have had previous success and failures, SaaS business experience, expertise in conversion optimization, search and social media marketing, and all around good people.

On behalf of the Unbounce team, I’m excited to announce that we’ve created that team and the following individuals have joined Unbounce as advisors.

In alphabetical order:


This is an awesome development for Unbounce and Unbounce customers. The passion and experience that this team brings is already having a positive effect. We look forward to working together and building a great company in the months and years ahead. Thanks guys!

And thank you for reading,

Rick Perreault
Co-Founder & CEO


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