A Simple Formula for Writing Super Clickable Button Copy

Is your call to action button copy clearly spelling out the action you want prospects to take? Image by Laineys Repertoire via Flickr.

Successful landing pages tell stories that build in momentum and culminate with a super persuasive call to action.

It doesn’t matter how awesome the rest of your landing page is – a poorly-written CTA button can bring all that conversion momentum to a halt.

In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we spoke with John Bonini, Director of Marketing at IMPACT, about the extraordinary results the company achieved from an A/B test – and what they learned about the anatomy of a compelling CTA.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • The subtle change in copy that increased IMPACT’s conversions by 78.5%.
  • Signs that you should be updating the landing pages for your flagship content.
  • What bookstores (and the best-seller section) can teach you about crafting copy that converts.

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  1. Darragh McCurragh

    Thanks for sharing this success story. A close to double response rate is quite remarkable for any “tweak” we could ever expect to apply. However, I have analyzed a lot of such success stories where simple modifications did get amazing results in the above 50% closing rate – but: the thing that bedevils us all is still this: there still is no good way to INITIALLY come up with the right “tweak” to achieve such differences in a split test. The reports are practically all success stories from people who INTUITIVELY hit it right almost first time OR are the tip of the iceberg reporting how after so and so many failures they finally found the tweak that got them the reported amazing results. Since most failures resp. “just 11% gains” are never reported we still cannot draw conclusions, like e.g. by doing meta studies, that bring us close within a few tries. Something engineering has already solved in their domain with “design of experiments” resp. “method of steepest ascent” and other improvement tools.

    • Stephanie Saretsky

      Yes, it was quite the impressive result! I think the best place to start is have an excellent understanding of your audience, and then test away. A bit of patience helps too when you don’t hit it right the first time :) I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast! Thanks for listening.

  2. Arthur Felter

    The production of this totally sounds like This American Life. Love it.

    • Stephanie Saretsky

      What an amazing compliment, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the podcast.

  3. Rahul

    Hey Stephanie ! Thanks for great tips .
    These days am working on developing a coupon code plugin and hope it will help me in my project .

  4. Joseph

    Hi stephanie good article , thanks for sharing useful information & keep it up posting..