[PODCAST] Why These Words Make Copywriting Experts Cringe

Is your copywriting making prospects cringe?

If copy is such an important part of persuading prospects to convert, why do marketers toss around cliché terms like “world-class” and “breakthrough” on their landing pages?

On this episode of the Call To Action podcast, we chat with Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing about her recent blog post and her disdain for certain overplayed marketing terms.

No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to – Henneke discloses which words you’re better off avoiding if you want to write copy that converts.

Tune in to learn…

  • How to carry on the conversation that’s happening in your readers’ heads.
  • How to write convincing and honest copy by being super specific.
  • How to make sure your testimonials don’t come across as cheesy or fake.

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— Stephanie Saretsky


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Stephanie Saretsky is a former multimedia producer at Unbounce. Producing projects like the Call to Action podcast and The Landing Page Sessions by day and a radio DJ by night, she is a lover of all things multimedia. Find her on Twitter: @msbeansie
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  1. Amanda Durepos

    Loved this episode.

    I think a lot of copywriting advice comes back to being specific and clear on your landing pages. Words like “world-class” and “revolutionary” come across as insincere, but as Henneke mentioned, they’re also just unclear.

    • Henneke

      I agree with you – being specific is a basic copywriting requirement, but somehow more difficult to apply than you’d think.

      Glad you liked this episode, Amanda. It was so much fun to talk with Dan :)

  2. Cararta

    After spending a month or so, reading and absorbing what I can about copy writing for content and for advertising.. your podcast highlighted again that one mantra I keep seeing over and over:
    Know your audience.
    Research and know before you start writing some simple demographics…and an important one not often mentioned is the average reading level of your prospects and a list of words they would use to describe what you are offering.
    Sounds simple doesn’t it?