Want More Leads? Design Your Landing Pages Form First [PODCAST]

Learn to generate leads like a boss. Image source.

When you created your last lead gen landing page, did you start by writing a punchy, benefits-driven headline?


Not so fast. There might be a more effective place to start.

As Oli Gardner explained in our most recent episode of the Call to Action podcast, starting with your opt-in form can help you generate more leads.

In his free 7-Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course (and this podcast!) Oli teaches some tricks for growing your leads list like a boss.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How to grow your list using the concept of form-first design.
  • Why Unbounce intentionally creates friction in our hiring process.
  • The reason why Oli has a beef with the term “mobile-friendly.”

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Stephanie Saretsky is a former multimedia producer at Unbounce. Producing projects like the Call to Action podcast and The Landing Page Sessions by day and a radio DJ by night, she is a lover of all things multimedia. Find her on Twitter: @msbeansie
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  1. Tom K

    Good info, HOWEVER, Unbounce forms are not very good. Why would you create a podcast that talks about “form focused design” and “make mobile forms act like mobile forms” when your platform 1. doesn’t have very good support for modern form features, and 2. your platform does not support mobile form features that you are promoting?? I am confused!?

  2. Oli Gardner

    Hi Tom,
    Great question. And most of the time I do refrain from talking about something that Unbounce can’t do. However, that’s also just skirting the issue. Our form builder indeed needs a lot of work, and some of these things are what we’ll tackle when it comes time on the product roadmap.

    For instance, we only recently released mobile responsive, so a next step will be to take that further and create features that better influence mobile performance.

    Does that make sense?

  3. Adam

    This is an eye opener. I will be able to increase the number of leads significantly now as I have never thought of these angle before.

  4. Hilton Johani

    Very interesting design methodology. Starting with the blank canvas and putting all attention on the form. Thank you so much and will start using this strategy