Exceptional Customer Service Helped This Company Increase Conversions by 156% [PODCAST]

Providing awesome support to your customers is a win-win scenario. Party. Image source.

Marketing and customer support are often thought of as two distinct departments, each minding their own part of the customer lifecycle.

But the two departments are more related than you may think. In fact, many companies are finding evidence that exceptional customer support can have a positive influence on conversions.

In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we speak with Len Markidan, Director of Marketing at Groove, and attempt to answer the question, “Does exceptional customer support increase conversions?”

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How great customer support brought Proposify a 156% conversion increase.
  • The customization trick that incentivized 9x more Groove users to convert into paying customers.
  • Measures you can take to improve your customer support (and have your conversions follow suit).

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