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  • [PODCAST] The Psychology of Landing Page Design

    Understanding how anticipation works in a user’s brain can help you create more psychologically powerful landing pages. Image source.

    There’s a reason that so many conversion rate optimization “best practices” stem from the field of psychology.

    If you understand human behavior – the desires and motivations of your audience – then you’re better equipped to give people what they want.

    In this episode, Neil Patel of KISSMetrics and Quick Sprout explains how anticipation works in a user’s brain and how you can leverage it to create more enjoyable user experiences… all while increasing your conversions.

    Tune in to learn…

    • The science behind why positive messages lead to higher conversion rates.
    • How understanding real-world visual cues (such as stoplights) can help you design better landing pages.
    • How anticipating what your visitors want will help you rise above competitors.

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