[PODCAST] The Psychology of Landing Page Design

Understanding how anticipation works in a user’s brain can help you create more psychologically powerful landing pages. Image source.

There’s a reason that so many conversion rate optimization “best practices” stem from the field of psychology.

If you understand human behavior – the desires and motivations of your audience – then you’re better equipped to give people what they want.

In this episode, Neil Patel of KISSMetrics and Quick Sprout explains how anticipation works in a user’s brain and how you can leverage it to create more enjoyable user experiences… all while increasing your conversions.

Tune in to learn…

  • The science behind why positive messages lead to higher conversion rates.
  • How understanding real-world visual cues (such as stoplights) can help you design better landing pages.
  • How anticipating what your visitors want will help you rise above competitors.

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— Stephanie Saretsky


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Stephanie Saretsky is a former multimedia producer at Unbounce. Producing projects like the Call to Action podcast and The Landing Page Sessions by day and a radio DJ by night, she is a lover of all things multimedia. Find her on Twitter: @msbeansie
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  1. John Johnsen

    Great podcast. I came here to read and found this podcast. It gave me a lot of information for a landing page I am creating, as well some things not in my mind.

    Now I can get back to fixing the things in my landing page I thought were correct, but now I know will be much better.

    Thanks again,

    • Stephanie Saretsky

      Hi John,

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the podcast and that you were able to get some tips with it. Thanks for listening!

  2. Mary

    I love all of these ideas and in a previous job (marketing hospitality and spa), these would have world wonderfully. In my new position (marketing criminal defense legal services), this is more difficult to achieve. It’s not a product purchase they are making. Our conversions don’t actually take place online – only the lead is completed online. Conversions take place in the office once they’ve met with an attorney and that attorney has secured the retainer. Trying to offer a feeling a delight in legal service landing pages is difficult to achieve. The “delight” would not be in purchasing something to make them happy – the “delight” would be in focusing on the human aspect of their situations and fulfilling the need to be a salve to their problem. I would love to hear more about specific marketing ideas in service areas like this. That being said, I can still take some of these tips and apply them to our landing pages such as colour, copy, and positive reinforcement with testimonials. Thank you!

  3. james brown

    Love to hear above podcast about landing page design.
    Landing page is the most important page in website that improves conversion rate rapidly, if it is designed perfectly.

  4. Joanne

    Hello Stephanie,

    I’m writing content for a niche engineering office. The market is very small and I’m wondering if there are general guidelines that exist for highly specialized markets (in contrast to consumer oriented websites/landing pages).

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