[PODCAST] Test Your Way to Personalized Welcome Emails That Convert

Here’s how to test your way to email marketing success. Image source.

Your email marketing funnel has a lot of work to do.

It has to continue the conversation you started on your landing page. It has to woo prospects and nudge them gently toward conversion – all without being overbearing or spamming them ’til they unsubscribe.

So how do you find that happy medium? The perfect timing and phrasing to inspire action (without pissing people off)?

In this episode, Peter Tanham, CEO of Sparkpage, breaks down a series of A/B tests you can run on your welcome emails to kick your email marketing into overdrive.

Tune in to learn…

  • How to determine the best mailing frequency for your business.
  • How to get visitors to self-segment on your landing page.
  • What you can learn from musicians and how they use email.

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