The Anatomy of the Perfect PPC Ad [Infographic]

Go back to PPC school with an infographic that teaches you how to be effective with all the different types of ads you need to pay for.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is confusing at the best of times. Google constantly changes the rules for AdWords, display ads suffer from banner blindness (and horrible design) and don’t get me started on Facebook not letting you point your ads to your landing pages.

On the plus side, if done right, PPC can generate instant results compared to other methods like SEO which take time to climb the rankings.

The infographic below is here to help you wade through all the ******** and start maximizing your ad spend.

Plus we’ve dissected the best parts for you into bite-sized Tweetables at the end so you can share your new found wisdom.

You’ll get higher conversions by using highly targeted landing pages, and for AdWords you’ll be able to massage your landing page to give you a higher quality score and lower cost-per-click. #justsayin

The Anatomy of the Perfect PPC Ad


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  • What is the Z-layout & how can you leverage it to increase PPC conversion?
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  • You! Hey you! Get personal by using ‘you’ in your PPC copy. Other PPC conversion tips here:
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  • Numbers don’t lie. Always test your PPC ad copy & run multiple versions to increase your conversion rate.
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  • Use red, orange & yellow to increase your click volume. More PPC conversion tips here:
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  • Crafting a successful PPC comes down to headline, copy, image and your CTA. Get the details here:
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— Oli Gardner

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