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  • How To Increase Your PPC Leads in 5 Easy Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Optimizing your AdWords account without direction is a bit like signing up at the gym without a personal trainer.

    Sure, you’re probably making small, incremental gains, but you secretly know that things would be more efficient if you just had a little help.

    If you want direction from someone who really knows what they’re doing, check out this infographic case study by digital marketing agency SMB Clix.

    When they took over their client’s three-and-half-year-old Google AdWords campaign in January 2015, they uncovered many ways their budget was going to waste. So they gave the client’s account a little makeover.

    And boy did they see resulting #gains: they increased PPC leads by more than 600% and decreased their cost per acquisition by more than 86%. Think your AdWords account could benefit from a new workout plan? This infographic could be your #swolemate.

    Increase your leads infographic

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    • digital marketing is very important to every business . every business should have a marketing plan to expand their bussiness..

    • Thanks for the info!

    • I’m not trying to sound snarky. The steps are fine and solid, but they lose credibility when they say they decreased CPA by 750%. It really decreased by 86.6%, (75-10)/75.

      Otherwise, good infographic.

      • KB

        Agreed. It looks like they got some great results, but you can’t reduce CPA by more than 100%…unless you somehow convinced Google to pay YOU for every click. ;-)

      • Hi David, we created the infographic and you aren’t being snarky, actually you are 100% correct. Here’s how I made the mistake:

        To calculate the percentage increase in leads I used the number of leads before we took over (four) versus the number of monthly leads after we made all of the changes mentioned (twenty-four)

        24 divided by 4 multiplied by 100 over 1 = 600. So the number of leads increased by 600% and this is correct.

        I then used the same logic to calculate the percentage decrease, which I’ve now realised is a mistake..

        75 divided by 10, multiplied by 100 over 1 =750. So I thought hey that’s a 750% decrease. Should have used the formula you mentioned or else “decrease divided by original number multiplied by 100.”

        It’s a glaring error and I really appreciate you pointing it out as we missed it… by a mile. I’ve forwarded a corrected version of the infographic to Amanda and updated it on our own site also. An 86% decrease in CPA ain’t so bad either though right?

        • 86% is great Michael. I’ll take that any day. I knew how you calculated it and figured you knew what you were doing. You just got started with the increase and continued on without blinking an eye for the decrease. I’ve done something similar. We’ve all done it. My mistakes just aren’t as public. =).

          Good job on the improvement.

    • Very useful articles especially the point that cutting keywords that are not converting into visitors are useful. Also, a little advanced method would be to see the time and location of your conversion for some industry. If you find a certain time that converts better schedule your ads accordingly.

    • What about bid adjustment based on device? Based on my past experience I have come to a conclusion that not all business performs equally well on mobile device, tablets and desktop all. Some business receives more conversions from desktop computers and some of them have made for mobile device and tablets. I think device based bid adjustment could also help getting more conversions.

    • negative keywords always play an important role.
      thanks for your suggestion.

    • Great work. This should improve my adwords targeting.

    • Great infographic!

      I am doing something very similar with a client of mine right now and can only say it really increases conversion rates to focus on correction of keywords.. also I would look at the devices and, as someone has said already, also look at device-based bid adjustments..

      Thanks for sharing!

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      all of your above points are good and informative

    • Hi Amanda!

      Thank you for this awesome infographic!


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    • A useful article on PPC leads. And even more exceptional is the trust built by an honest confession. “It’s a glaring error and I really appreciate you pointing it out as we missed it… by a mile.” We all make mistakes, but few own them so well. What a remarkable professional example of building relational trust.

      Uniquely optimized landing pages for each ad group is key; however, it may still take a sufficient ad budget and using every extension possible to gain sufficient wins in the AdWords auction.

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