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  • Who’s Twitter List Are You On? – The New Popularity Gauge

    Being on someone's Twitter List is the new Black.
    Being on someone's Twitter List is the new Black.

    If were lucky enough to get on the inside track with Twitter, you’ll have be granted access the beta of their latest feature – Twitter Lists.

    Today, most Twitter accounts have had this new feature enabled and it’s starting to gain massive traction.

    What is a Twitter List?

    It’s a simple yet powerful feature that lets you group Twitter users into lists that you create, manage and name. What it does is allow you to separate your Twitter reading time into more targeted use.

    Twitter users who are following a large number of people will find it particularly useful as it allows you to create a subset of your favorite Tweeter’s and get the skinny on what they and only they are doing. Brilliant, and about time.

    The New Twitter Popularity Gauge

    Prior to lists, the primary way of associating popularity with a user was their Twitter follower count, which shows how many people are keeping up to date with their activities. Now with lists, people are re-categorizing, and rating the people they really want to follow.

    What is appearing now is a new indicator of popularity – The Listed Count – that shows how many people have added you to a list.

    You can take a look at everyone who’s added you to their lists which gives you insight into how they regard you. At Unbounce I’ve just started getting into listmania, and the first order of business was to create 2 new lists – my Top 10 and Top 100. Now, whenever I come across someone really interesting I can add them to one of these lists that will receive my priority attention. In a sense they are like micro-blogging magazines containing only your favorite authors.

    What can you use Twitter Lists for?

    Here are a few more ways you can leverage Twitter lists to have a more enjoyable and focused time in the Twittersphere:

    1. Categorize people by subject matter (e.g. photography, seo, design, funny, awesome, inspirational).
    2. Follow someone else’s entire list with a single click.
    3. Create private or public lists – this enables you to keep a private record of your favorite Tweeters or become a list maven by compiling useful lists for others to follow.
    4. Share your list – each list has a permalink so you can send it to others.

    On the Unbounce, you’ll find our musings about landing pages, conversion marketing and other related topics. Drop by and check us out on Twitter and if you like us, throw us on a new list.


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