The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization

Today marks the start of Landing Page Optimization (LPO) Week, which will include 5 great posts to help you create landing pages that convert. Day 1 – download our 58 page PDF.

Testing & Marketing Segmentation Explained [Infographic]

Testing your marketing comes down to more than comparing individual elements. You also need to segment your campaigns to provide the flexibility to test more effectively.

A Closer Look at Email Engagement [Infographic]

Everyone knows that you should use landing pages with lead gen forms to collect emails to build your list, but the inverse is also true. You should be sending your email marketing campaigns to landing pages, and here’s why.

For the Love of Science – 15 Behavioral Marketing Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

Posts are always better when they are backed with facts, numbers and science. So without having to read a lengthy research paper, here are 18 posts where human psychology meets marketing and conversion.

Social vs Search in a Mexican Wrestling Match [Infographic]

When it comes to deciding which marketing method to use, it’s not always clear which is best. This post will teach you the balance between social and search marketing.

The B2B Lead Generation Manifesto [Infographic]

5 principles that should be obeyed by every B2B marketing company trying to generate and nurture leads for their business or clients – presented in an epic infographic chock full of statistics and beautiful design references.

24 Hours in the Google Economy – 2012 Stats [Infographic]

This infographic has more stats than a bored baseball commentator, and the best part is they’re broken down by paid search across industry verticals. Dig in and see where your industry lies for click-thru rate, conversion rate and total sales.

The Anatomy of Content Marketing [Infographic]

Just like the old game ‘Operation’ this infographic and post explores the anatomy of content marketing from the perspective of a real person – warning, it can get kinda gross.

A Crash Course in Conversion

Every marketer’s purpose is to maximize their return on investment. The best way to achieve this is through conversion rate optimization. Learn how with 5 conversion concepts to make your pages more focused, persuasive & successful.

30 Holiday Marketing Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

We’re making a list, checking it twice… And in the spirit of giving, wrapped up 30 posts to make you an expert in holiday marketing. But don’t delay, read them quickly and get your campaigns ready.

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