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Landing Page Design for Testability – 3 Simple Ways to Minimize Testing Costs

How you design your landing pages determines how easy they are to test – which can have a direct impact on the bottom line of your marketing campaigns. Follow these 3 simple design techniques to reduce your landing page testing costs.

A/B Testing is Better Than Multivariate Testing

Are you willing to expose your best prospects to an incoherent landing page experience? That’s what Multivariate can do. Scary stuff. Read why A/B testing is a safer (and in some ways) a better testing methodology.

The Truth About A|B Testing

A/B testing is exciting. It allows you to see which copy, imagery and page layouts create the desired emotional response in your target demographic. But it isn’t a silver bullet for improved conversion rates on your landing pages. What it is, is an opportunity. A mechanism, by which you can begin to understand the behavior of your customers.

Stop Arguing, Start Testing – 5 Ways to Prove Your Boss Wrong. Or Right

We’ve all been there. You’re in the boardroom presenting your latest website or landing page design. You pulled an all-nighter to get it ready in time, and you’re mighty proud of how you’ve mixed contemporary Web 2.0 design principles with usability best practices and interaction design patterns. The meeting goes great, everyone claps, but justContinue Reading

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