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  • Always Be Testing – 24 Split Testing Ideas [Infographic]

    Always be Testing - ABT

    As I mentioned in part 1 of The Ultimate Guide to Marketing with Infographics, we’ll be putting up a new infographic every day this week covering different marketing topics and using the 12 steps from the guide to make them as effective as possible.

    For the rest of the series we’ll be using the “borrow graphics from other people method” – cos I’m sure as hell not going to design 4 this week – I’m supposed to be on holiday!

    And don’t forget the stats and tweetables at the bottom.

    ABT – Always Be Testing

    I’m going to kick things off with an infographic about A/B testing. The purpose here is to illustrate the different ways you can present the same idea – and it should give you some great ideas for what you can test on your own pages, including both visual and psychological factors. Some of them may look ridiculous and some you might disagree with – that’s the whole point.

    Testing is always surprising, so remember your ABT’s – Always Be Testing. The 24 examples below should give you some inspiration.

    Ad Design Tips - Infographic
    Infographic provided by AdChop.com

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    • Infographic on #abtesting describes 8 desires that encourage people to click your ads and CTAs
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    • [Infographic] Test using short words in your copy, they’re easier to read
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    • [Infographic] Be controversial in your tests for more surprising results
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    • [Infographic] Ask a question in your CTA’s to encourage clicks
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    • The Weapons of Influence: Reciprocation, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, Social Proof by @RobertCialdini
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    Some Other Infographics About Testing

    — Oli Gardner

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