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5 Easy Ways to Increase Conversions on Your “Coming Soon” Landing Page

You may not think of a “Coming Soon” landing page as much of a target for improving conversion rates. Wrong! Just a year ago, startups like Hipster gained 10,000 subscribers virtually overnight without ever revealing their purpose.

Your Landing Page Sucks! Here are 10 Examples That Don’t…

Most landing pages are genuinely horrible, so here are 10 examples of landing pages that are designed and optimized for conversion – accompanied by some lively discussion around why they don’t suck and some ideas for optimization and testing.

22 Creative Landing Page Designs – A Showcase, Critique, and Optimization Discussion

After my last landing pages examples post (Your Landing Page Sucks – Here are 10 That Don’t), people asked for some examples from smaller companies. At Unbounce there is a giant pile of cool small-to-medium sized businesses that are creating landing pages every day, so I trawled through the community and asked some people toContinue Reading

7 New Landing Pages for Your Inspiration

Landing page design is easier when you have some inspiration, so I dug out some of the cool pages our customers have been building in Unbounce. Would love to hear your thoughts about the pages in the comments section. Enjoy… Loop 11 Usability Page Details Type of landing page: Click Through Website: Loop 11 BuiltContinue Reading

ABT – Always Be Testing: Two Design Directions for a Lead Gen Landing Page

Here’s a great example of an A/B test on an education lead gen landing page. It’s a common strategy in education to use banner ads and PPC to drive traffic to a landing page where data is captured in exchange for course information. The main elements being tested here are the color palette, hero shotContinue Reading

iPad App Landing Page Example – iBrite

Jen Gordon has produced some great landing page designs for her iPad app development company ACleverTwist. The first example here is a click-through e-commerce template with the goal of buying an iPad app from the iTunes Store. Type of Landing Page: Click Through Source: Built Using Unbounce: Yes

Campaign Monitor – Just One CTA Please

This landing page is definitely in my top 5 list. It’s elegant, focused and really well targeted to the intended audience. Type of Landing Page: Click Through Source: Built Using Unbounce: No

Webtrends Lead-Gen: A Lesson in Cool Simplicity

Today’s landing page example comes from, a web analytics company. It’s a great demonstration of how to make B2B lead capture simple and clean. Type of Landing Page: Lead Gen Source: Built Using Unbounce: No Raw Natural Beauty

Type of Landing Page: Click Through Source: Built Using Unbounce: No Landing page elements Video: The primary before/after image switches to a professionally shot video after a few seconds. Normally I don’t like auto-play, but in this case the short pause is good and the video plays like a real commercial. Repeated CTA’s: WithContinue Reading

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