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  • [AMA] I’m Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce. Ask Me Anything


    Fun fact: I’ve seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet, and part of that painstaking and often nosebleed-inducing exercise is that I get to see some really cool and awful things.

    If you’re running marketing campaigns – and who isn’t amirite? – then landing pages matter to you.

    On September 25th, we asked our readers if they had a conversion question burning a hole in their brain pocket. Nothing was off limits; did readers wanna know about that time I almost got trampled by bison? Or maybe they heard I just wrote an ebook on Attention-Driven Design and wanted to chat about how data and design can work together?

    I was an open book. And you can read all the questions and answers below.

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    About Oli Gardner
    Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. But January 2018 is NOT about landing pages. We are doing a blog takeover to explore going from one to many products. We're doing this to increase awareness of our 2 new products (Popups & Sticky Bars), and to take a transparent journey of discovery to become better marketers. By writing 30 posts in 30 days – all about product awareness – I’ll be lifting the lid on Unbounce adoption and churn metrics, and sharing innovative tips and strategies to help us all become better at marketing our products. Read post 1 of 30 in the Product Awareness Month blog takeover Check out the full month's calendar of 30 product awareness posts.
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