Portrait of a Content Marketer: More Than a Marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Being a successful content marketer isn’t just about writing snappy blog posts.

Modern-day content marketers need to have their fingers in many, many pies.

Don’t quit your day job, Homer.

It’s true: the best content marketers are multifaceted and multitalented folk.

Just ask our friends over at Uberflip who put together this infographic that shows how good content marketers are essentially full-stack marketers.

Modern day Renaissance (wo)men, if you will.


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  1. Shaswat Mishra

    Content marketing is a necessity for me as I am very new to content zone and have just made a new blog http://www.penegg.com

  2. Joe Savitch

    Does this only apply to “content” marketers? Or is this just the modern state of marketing? I would argue the latter.

  3. James

    Content Marketing is really quite difficult and yields amazing and long-lasting results. Everyone should use content marketing as their major promotion strategy and other strategies as a backup.

  4. Val Geisler

    Yes! Thanks, Uberflip, for such a great depiction of our role in content today. It’s more than just writing – it’s in what you do with it!

  5. Hemant Kumar Arya

    Content marketing is really cool but pretty hard for new one’s. Content marketing is really a new cool starting for your business or blog. This is really a helpfull article.
    Thanks for sharing this one.
    Thank you :-)

  6. kdpprasad

    hai friends how to write a genuine article with out copy content

  7. Claire

    I have never seen anyone capture so well the essence of how complex this skill set is.

    One thing I would add is experience. You simple cannot teach someone how all of this comes together; the SEO expert’s nose is developed with time and trial and error.

    Great work Amanda!

  8. James

    Great infographic! I agree with every point mentioned :)


    I agree with every point outlined in there,
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  10. وبسرويس پيامک

    thats great thanks for share

  11. Nerdy Saint

    that was a useful info. Thanks a lot :)

  12. Moneera

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  13. HQSoftware

    Amanda, thanks for the great insights. We are currently looking for a content marketer. However, taking into consideration that we are an IT company, it is quite hard to find a person that will match all the criterion. What is your experience, where is the best place to look for such people?

  14. Aman Brar

    I think I could use this as a job description! The infographic doesn’t put any priority on the above skills. What would you think are the top 3, or a weighted view of the most important?

    • Web design Cheshire

      I would think being able to think in your customers shoes is a big one. Ideally your content is supposed to appear to your users and drive traffic to your site. If you can’t get your customer to relate to your message then the content is not doing it’s job.

  15. ruchi

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  16. Web design Cheshire

    This is shortlisted to go on my blog. The infographic is pretty good and I chucked when reading all the skills you need to be a good content marketer!