Mobile Optimization Quiz

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Quiz Answers

Question 1

An element on your mobile landing page or website that allows people to immediately contact you on their smartphones. These elements are useful on pages that feature complex products or services and make it easy for people to get their questions answered.

Answer: Click-to-Call Button

Question 2

Using this technology allows marketers to create a virtual radius around a real world area and then send messages to people’s mobile devices when they enter it. With permission, this tactic is an effective way to market to people who are in the right context to convert.

Answer: Geo-Fencing

Question 3

The technique of designing your campaign, landing page or website for smaller devices at the outset of your project. If you work within these constraints, you’ll be forced to cut out irrelevant elements that distract from your conversion goal.

Answer: Mobile First

Question 4

An easy-to-complete lead generation tool that allows users to input data while on the go. This page element is often automated and validates information immediately to reduce the amount of effort it takes to complete it.

Answer: Mobile-Friendly Form

Question 5

The top portion of a web page that’s visible without scrolling. Whatever appears in this space will be what your prospects will see when they arrive. If the content’s not relevant, they might bounce.

Answer: Above the Fold

what is mobile optimization

Question 6

Ensuring that your visitor’s experience is calibrated to whichever device they’re using. This is all about optimizing for intent; your website and landing pages should allow your visitors to accomplish what they want to do on any device.

Answer: Mobile Optimization

optimizing copy for mobile devices

Question 7

Headlines, bullet points, and other landing page elements that consider a mobile user’s context and intent to maximize the chance of conversion. This type of content should be concise to account for smaller screens and shorter attention spans.

Answer: Mobile-Optimized Copy

Question 8

A measure of how likely your prospect is to convert when they land on your page. It can be gleaned from what they were searching for in the first place. Are they just researching or are they comparing prices?

Answer: User Intent

Question 9

A controversial mobile marketing technique that involves sending promotional offers to people’s smartphones via text message. This tactic can be an effective way to drive conversions since you’re targeting people who actually want to receive your offers.

Answer: SMS Marketing

responsive design and landing pages

Question 10

A design approach geared toward tailoring a web page for mobile users. This type of page should automatically detect your prospect’s screen size and adjust the layout and content accordingly.

Answer: Responsive Design