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    What would you think if you wound up on this landing page?

    jargon-filled-landing-page copy

    Check out some of the terms being used:

    “The Next Generation of Awesome”
    “Bleeding edge solution”
    “Age of disruption”
    “World class features”

    Might your BS detector start going off?

    These words are superlatives — meaningless filler. The language is flowery (and not in a good way).

    And while this is an extreme example, jargonistic, superlative-laden landing pages are everywhere.

    They lack specificity and don’t drive home any message. They aren’t persuasive and their unique value proposition is a blur. They make people feel lost  — like they just crawled out of a fallout shelter for the first time in 35 years.

    Wait, where am I?

    The worst part? You could have meaningless drivel on your landing page and not even know it.

    No sweat. We created a Chrome extension that can help (props to Henneke Duistermaat who inspired this whole idea with her post 17 Words to Stop Using on Your Landing Pages).

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Download and install Unbounce’s Dejargonator Chrome Extension
    2. Run it on any landing page or website — offending phrases will be highlighted in red. (You can test it on this extra sleazy page here.)
    3. Hover over the red text and see what’s wrong:
    4. dejargonator-screenshot-2

    5. Finally, update your page to be
      • Less sleazy and superlative-y
      • More specific (and thereby more persuasive)

    Simple enough? Download the plugin below.

    About Amanda Durepos
    As Unbounce’s Blog Editor, Amanda Durepos curates and crafts content to help marketers be better at their jobs. When she’s not managing the editorial calendar for the Unbounce Blog, she’s wrangling internal and external subject matter experts, helping them educate other marketers in an entertaining and actionable way. You can follow her on Twitter but she’s mostly just making puns.
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    • thanks for Sharing

    • Hilarious!

      I can’t express how brilliant your extension is.

      How about “The Bleeding Edge of Disruptive Awesome”?

      Actually, I can’t stand marketing jargon and cliches.

      Great job.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Ha! So glad you like it, Clement. Enjoy. ;)

    • Rubbish, it doesn’t work

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Alex,

        If you shoot me an email at amanda@unbounce.com, I’d be happy to help you troubleshoot!

    • What an excellent idea and extension! Great job!

    • This is very, very cool. Cannot wait to try it!

    • Just an awesome extension. Thanks for creating and sharing this. I have tried it and it’s awesome.

    • I haven’t tried the extension yet, but I am pretty sure that it would be awesome and would make working with the landing pages much more simple.

    • Finally! That is a fantastic (and much needed) idea.
      How many times I’d land on a page, scroll through it several times, trying to understand what in the world is being offered here… And left confused.
      Why? Why won’t you just say – our product/service does exactly this and this, and please forget the words like “synergy” and so on. Sometimes it feels like the content was written by someone who does not know the product or service, and just writes bad fantasy books…

    • Ingenious. Everybody needs to install this!

    • What ever

    • Thanks for a VERY useful tool.Can’t wait to use it on double glazing sites. I’ll reinstall chrome just to try it!

    • David

      hmmm, doesn’t work for me either. is it optimized only for english written sites or? I’m from Croatia, btw.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey David, it’s only for English sites right now — sorry about that. Did you test it on our test page? http://go.unbounce.com/dejargonator/

        • David

          I tested it on your page that offers landing page builder demo, suprised about the results :D
          anyway, are you planning to expand this extension on other languages also and if so, when? :)

          • Amanda Durepos

            Hey David, no plans so far unfortunately but I’ll definitely be in touch if we do!

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    • Ha ha. This is awesome.

    • oolonmcc

      I am synergised by this innovative iteration and shall share it with colleagues and stakeholders alike going forward.

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