Creating Landing Page Videos That Convert [Webinar Recording + Bonus Video]

One glance at your Facebook feed – anyone’s Facebook feed – will make it clear that people love online videos. And marketers should love them too. They’re engaging, they’re entertaining, they’re informative and, most importantly, they can convert.

Last week we shared some of our favourite landing page videos. But how do you measure whether your videos are resonating with their intended audience? And how do you create smart, funny and successful (notice I didn’t say viral) videos without breaking the bank?

Our friends Kristen Craft and Dave Cole at Wistia answered these questions and more in a totally awesome Unwebinar aptly named “Increase Your Landing Page Conversions With Video” (yes, it even launched with its own landing page video – so meta). More specifically, the webinar covered:

  • Why to use video on your landing page
  • How to add a video layer to your conversion funnel
  • Short video vs. long video engagement rates (turns out even anticipating how long the video is can have an impact on engagement
  • Email marketing with video (we’re talking serious conversion lifts)
  • How to use the data from your videos to optimize conversion rates (A/B testing, heatmaps – you can’t just focus on play count
  • Why online video is about audience growth and discovery
  • How to get started with video (with some great tips on affordable and easy-to-use tools – including your own smartphone)

At the end of the webinar Kristen and Dave took questions from the audience but couldn’t get to them all. So they offered to answer a few more via – how else? – online video. Check out their follow-up video at the top of this post.

Still want to know more? You can contact Kristen and Dave via Twitter – @thecrafty and @mrdavidjcole.

In case you missed it, here’s the webinar in full:

About Dan Levy
Dan Levy is Unbounce's former content director, heading up our company-wide content strategy and the awesome team behind it. A journalist by training and a marketer by accident, he previously served as Editor of the award-winning online magazine Sparksheet, as a political reporter in Washington and as a research assistant at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. You can follow his musings on media old and new on Twitter: @danjl


  1. Oli Gardner

    Love you guys :) More at 11.
    Really cool way to answer people’s questions.

  2. Tommy

    Can I expect a video hosted on ‘wistia’ to outrank a video hosted on ‘you tube’?? How do you guys compare to other video sharing sites in serp’s if I seo my video correctly??

    • Dave

      Hey Tommy,

      That’s a great question! The first thing to note is that contrary to popular belief, Google does NOT give YouTube any preferential treatment in the search results. They’re super clear about that:

      “We don’t give special ranking preference to videos hosted by YouTube or Google Video, nor do we manipulate search results in any way.” –

      Ultimately, your page’s ranking in the SERPs depends on a very wide range of factors. I can’t imagine Google gives much weight to simply the fact that you’re using one video hosting service over the other – but what *does* matter is how well Google (and the other search engines of course) can identify and understand the content of your page. They want their users to find the very best information. Wistia’s SEO tools make it easy for Google to recognize your video content, generate a video thumbnail, and even understand the meaning of the video too (if you have a video transcript).

      Here’s a really helpful video on the topic from our friends at Distilled:

      Also, be sure to check out our documentation on video SEO for more info:

      • Tommy

        Hi Dave,
        Thanks for the reply.
        As for Google not giving preference to YouTube videos, as much as they say they dont, as the owners of YouTube, Id be surprised if they didn’t as its clearly to their advantage, (and current results for any given search seem to support that thought), but you can only reiterate what they state on the topic.
        I’m currently in the process of creating an explainer video, (and others), so I think I may give you guys at Wistia a try. You guys have some great features over YouTube so I can see the benefits.
        Anyway, great posts and ideas from you guys, keep up the good work!

        • Dave

          Sure thing Tommy!

          I can definitely understand the tendency to think that Google would favor YouTube in the search results. It seems to be a logical conclusion – if they own it, why wouldn’t they want to give it higher ranking?

          The answer is that if they did that, it could be a pretty big antitrust issue. I can’t personally say for sure what Google does behind the scenes, but there’s some ongoing investigation into this, which you can read up on here:

          Good luck with your explainer video! If you have an iPhone and want to use that for making your videos, I’d definitely recommend checking out Directr. They have some awesome built-in tips for crafting your story, and framing the best shots. Plus, you can upload straight to Wistia :)

          • Tommy

            Thanks for the advice Dave, I’ve just checked out the link at Directr and it seems like a good bit of kit, especially as I was mulling over the idea of using the i phone for some videos in the future, cheers!!!

  3. Praveen

    How do you control the resolution of video via wistia

    • Dave

      Thanks for your question, Praveen!

      After you upload a video to Wistia, we create a few derivatives of the original file, each with different resolutions. When a person watches your video, we’ll detect their Internet connection speed and automatically serve up the version of your video that will perform best for that particular viewer.

      You can see all of the derivative files we create for your video by clicking Download in the Video Actions menu, after the video is uploaded and processed.

      For more info on this, I’d recommend checking out this guide on how Wistia does HD:

  4. Marian

    Great video and lots of cool things to learn. The Q&A is just awesome…

  5. Prashant

    Love the way you people answer the questions. Waiting for more webinars. Thanks. :)

  6. Neeraj

    This presentation was a waste of time.

    The presenters obviously are not copywriters. The presentation was supposed to be about conversion on landing pages but the presenters couldn’t get past “engagement”. The more questions they were asked about different ways of testing conversion, the more obvious it became that they neither have the theoretical knowledge nor the practical experience.

    Considering how many highly qualified people there are on the subject of conversion, I am very disappointed.

    I have a lot or respect for Unbounce in the area of landing page design. This is why I signed up and spent the time watching the video. I hope you know what I am trying to say.

    Conversion is a LOT different from engagement. I produce video landing pages myself. I am interested in learning strategies and tactics that would help improve my conversions.

    If you can come up with better qualified speakers I would be eager to watch more presentations.

    People that you can go to for advice and presentations, for example, are Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Peep Laja and more.

    There are people out there who are rabid testers of landing pages. I’m sure you must have some good connections.

    Looking forward to more presentations. Hopefully, you will get people with more focused knowledge and experience.

    I don’t intend to be a downer, but I am hoping to learn something through you guys. I believe you would be able to deliver what I want…. That’s the only reason I am saying anything. Normally, I would just walk away and get off of your list.


    • Georgiana Laudi

      Really appreciate your feedback Neeraj, I’m sorry you were disappointed with this piece. We work really hard to bring our community content that helps marketers to be more effective, whether that be LPO, CRO, PPC, social, content, and the list goes on. Peep is one of our favorite people and CRO experts. :)

      We think that the folks at Wistia produce some of the best video best practices content, this is why we were excited to bring them to our community. We’re sorry you didn’t feel the same way. If you have more video experts to recommend we speak with, we’d love to get in touch with them too!

      Thanks again for the comment

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