Creating Landing Page Videos That Convert [Webinar Recording + Bonus Video]

One glance at your Facebook feed – anyone’s Facebook feed – will make it clear that people love online videos. And marketers should love them too. They’re engaging, they’re entertaining, they’re informative and, most importantly, they can convert.

Last week we shared some of our favourite landing page videos. But how do you measure whether your videos are resonating with their intended audience? And how do you create smart, funny and successful (notice I didn’t say viral) videos without breaking the bank?

Our friends Kristen Craft and Dave Cole at Wistia answered these questions and more in a totally awesome Unwebinar aptly named “Increase Your Landing Page Conversions With Video” (yes, it even launched with its own landing page video – so meta). More specifically, the webinar covered:

  • Why to use video on your landing page
  • How to add a video layer to your conversion funnel
  • Short video vs. long video engagement rates (turns out even anticipating how long the video is can have an impact on engagement
  • Email marketing with video (we’re talking serious conversion lifts)
  • How to use the data from your videos to optimize conversion rates (A/B testing, heatmaps – you can’t just focus on play count
  • Why online video is about audience growth and discovery
  • How to get started with video (with some great tips on affordable and easy-to-use tools – including your own smartphone)

At the end of the webinar Kristen and Dave took questions from the audience but couldn’t get to them all. So they offered to answer a few more via – how else? – online video. Check out their follow-up video at the top of this post.

Still want to know more? You can contact Kristen and Dave via Twitter – @thecrafty and @mrdavidjcole.

In case you missed it, here’s the webinar in full:

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