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  • The Stars of SEO [Infographic]

    We had a few great SEO blog posts in the Unbounce Conversion-Fest blogging contest, one of which (The Adaptive SEO Approach) hit a record number of comments for a post on Unbounce, and another (The Cat in the Hat Teaches SEO) was one of the most creative SEO posts of the year.

    Landing page SEO is still one of the least written about topics online. Fingers crossed we have a guest post appearing in the near future from Aaron Bradley all about that elusive topic (subtle peer pressure applied).

    Who are the Stars of SEO?

    So, who are the biggest players in the search marketing space? Like a perfectly timed asteroid of awesome, I was made aware of the infographic below (from SEO.com) which showcases a mix of the best search and social players.

    Once you’ve finished gazing at the stars, you can follow them all on Twitter in this handy list I created – The Stars Of SEO on Twitter.

    NOTE: Not all are really recognized as SEO experts, so there’s a great debate happening in the comments, where you can add the SEO stars of tomorrow (all will be added to the Twitter list).

    History of Search Infographic

    The Future of Search

    Some of the best information in the graphic is at the bottom – where the stars were interviewed and asked about the future of search.

    Following the Stars

    To keep abreast of the latest information in the ever shifting SEO field I’ve extracted the Twitter accounts of all the SEO rockstars mentioned in the graphic and bundled them neatly into a Twitter list – so you can get their updates all in one place.

    As I mentioned above, not all of the members are typically included in SEO circles, but some have been included in the graphic and the Twitter list due to their influence in social media – which is becoming an increasingly important element of search.

    Follow the Stars of SEO on Twitter (list)

    — Oli Gardner

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