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5 Tips to Use News Events to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Capitalizing on news events is a useful way to drive traffic to a brand’s landing pages through social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook. Read these 5 tips on how to find the news and use it to drive more traffic.

Using Analytics to Measure Your Landing Page Performance

Even marketing rockstars sing the praises of Google Analytics, a free program that makes it possible to track various features of website performance. Read on for tips on how to use Google Analytics for analyzing landing page performance.

7 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Click-Through-Rate [Video]

Your click-through-rate can be improved using techniques to modify your ads and placements only, while conversion rates are more influenced by the content and calls to action on your landing page. Learn 6 smooth skillz to do it better – with a video to boot…

How to Create a Successful Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is essentially a virtual “To Do” list. It’s a tool of accountability. It’s a forum for brainstorming. It’s a micro-managers dream come true. (Can you imagine showing your manager exactly what you’re working on three months in advance?!)

Your Call to Action is Lame! Here are 10 Ways to Make it Convert Better [Examples]

In this post we’ll dissect, congratulate and insult a bunch of CTA’s – because let’s face it most of them *really* do suck… But with a little MacGyver Duct tape everything will be alright…

The Top 10 User Feedback Tools for Improving Conversion

It’s easy to be biased of your own website or marketing campaigns. It’s like supporting your tone deaf kid on American Idol. You love them so much, that you hear harmonies that no one else hears. User feedback tools to the rescue.

29 Ways to A/B Test Pages Based on *Real* User Insight

It may be Leap Day, but that’s no excuse to take a leap of faith when it comes to landing page effectiveness. There are numerous variables that can be tested and refined to maximize conversions. We’re breaking down 29 tips and tools.

How to Drive (& Re-Target) Traffic to Your PPC Landing Pages [with Infographic]

A winning landing page does little to convert visitors if the page isn’t getting traffic. Learn the 3 main ways to get people to your landing pages: text ads, banner ads, social media ads – and the 4th – how to bring back visitors through the art of retargeting

5 Businesses That Used A/B Tests to Lift Conversion Rates by up to 216%

A/B testing lets Web designers and marketers fine tune an effective landing page. Like a vision test, the changes between two landing page elements can be subtle and barely noticeable to the unassuming eye, but make a big difference to the user and the conversions of a businesses landing page. Check out these 5 case studies…

Using Eye-Path Heatmaps to Design Kick-Ass Landing Page User Experiences

A billion studies have been conducted to determine “hot spots,” or areas of web pages that users’ eyes tend to focus on first. Using eye tracking software you can find natural patterns that most users’ eyes follow on a page and use them to design better landing pages.

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