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3 Invaluable CRO Resources You May Be Missing – No Fancy Tools Required

People in your own company can tell you what customers want to know about your product and your services. You may be surprised with their answers, but always remember: how you see your product/service may be different to how your market sees them.

Conversion Fest
Contest Entry

[HOW TO] Have a Gorgeous Website Design AND Great Conversion Rates at the Same Time

A website that gets bad conversion rates is usually the web designer’s fault. At least, that’s what many marketing experts will have you believe. Well I’m here to tell you how to get that spiffy website design you’ve always been wanting AND get great conversion rates at the same time!

Conversion Fest
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10 Ways to Use QR Codes for Better Conversion Rates

From building loyalty and generating sales to capturing customer feedback and boosting local SEO, check out the ways 2D barcodes like QR code and Microsoft Tag can improve conversion rates and help achieve your business goals.

Use Live Chat for Customer Engagement & Higher Conversions [Meet Olark]

Olark Live chat lets you to engage customers at the point of conversion (or confusion). To explain a little about how and why you should add a live chat widget to your Unbounce page, we had a chat with our new friends over at Olark. Add it to your Unbounce landing page for higher conversions.

[CONTEST] Write a Guest Post for Unbounce & Win an iPad 2

Unbounce is running a guest blogging contest – The 2011 ConversionFest Blogging Challenge. If you’re a marketer and think you have the writing chops to compete with the best, then this is the place to show off your mad skills. 3 lucky bloggers will be walking away with a shiny new iPad 2 and a bundle of prizes from our contest sponsors.

Clicking Me Softly: A 5-Day Crash Course in Conversion

Whether or not you know how to optimize the customer-meets-business interaction, the simple truth is that conversion – and the optimization of your conversion rate – is the most fundamental element of a successful online business. (Disagree? Jump to the comments and let’s discuss).

Are Third-Party Tools Secret Conversion Killers? [Infographic]

Just because a widget provider is trusted and well known, that doesn’t mean you can assume they’re building fast tools. They often get touted as “just a single line of Javascript.” I’m here to tell you that many third-party tools are actually slow loading conversion killers.

Why a Fast Website Kills Two Conversion Birds With One Stone

Most of the efforts around your online presence are aimed at either increasing your traffic OR improving your conversion rate. The beauty of improving website load times is that it actually does both! You increase visitor numbers AND you improve the Conversion rate.

Infinite Page Scrolling – How it Affects Users & Conversions

To see an example of infinite scrolling, visit the Google Images site and do a search. Instead of having to click the next arrow when you get to the bottom of a page of results, the images just keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling. Infinite scrolling doesn’t confuse visitors by forcing them to jump around between different pages.

Micro Conversions: The Key to Maximum Lifetime Customer Value

Understanding micro conversions is part of the process of understanding why the vast majority of your customers walk away from your site without doing anything. While you may be focused on trying to increase your 2% conversion rate, there is a more holistic view you can take on conversion that will help Improve your website and business.

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