Mobile Optimization Quiz

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Quiz Answers

A/B testing

Question 1

A marketing experiment where two variations of a landing page, ad, email or other piece of online content are pitted against each other to determine which produces the highest conversion rate.

Answer: A/B Testing

content marketing for conversion

Question 2

The discipline of creating and sharing editorial content that serves a business objective, such as attracting prospects, establishing credibility or converting customers.

Answer: Content Marketing

what is growth hacking

Question 3

The “lean startup” term for using conversion marketing tactics like content marketing, A/B testing and analytics to grow a company quickly and efficiently.

Answer: Growth Hacking

bounce rate definition

Question 4

The percentage of people who arrive on your website or landing page and leave without viewing any additional pages.

Answer: Bounce Rate

friction conversion marketing

Question 5

The psychological resistance that your visitors experience when trying to complete an action. This conversion killer is usually caused by unclear messaging, lack of information or poor layout.

Answer: Friction

what is inbound marketing

Question 6

A permission-based marketing approach that focuses on attracting leads through useful content, engagement and optimization.

Answer: Inbound Marketing

what is a marketing funnel

Question 7

A model describing the various stages of a prospect’s journey from the first interaction with your brand to the ultimate goal: conversion.

Answer: Marketing Funnel

test hypothesis definition

Question 8

A tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its consequences. It often takes the form of, “I think that changing this into that will have a positive impact on conversions.”

Answer: Test Hypothesis

quality score definition

Question 9

A component of Google AdWords shrouded in mystery. A high ________ ____ means that your ads, keywords and landing pages appear relevant to one another, to what a customer is searching for and, most importantly, to Google.

Answer: Quality Score

what is multivariate testing

Question 10

The discipline of testing multiple combinations of page elements simultaneously to identify which combination yields the highest conversion rate.

Answer: Multivariate Testing

email marketing conversion definition

Question 11

A permission-based marketing channel that can help nurture large numbers of leads into customers over time.

Answer: Email Marketing

what is a conversion rate

Question 12

The percentage of people who complete your campaign goal. If your _______ ____ is low, it’s time to optimize your landing page or website.

Answer: Conversion Rate