[PODCAST] Why You Shouldn’t Bother with A/B Testing (Until You Get This One Thing Straight)

Here’s why A/B testing is about sharpening your ax, not chopping down the tree. Image by Ru Leamon via Flickr

“Always be testing” has become a mantra in the conversion marketing world, and we’re as guilty as anyone. But the truth is that running valid tests that actually have an impact on your bottom line is easier said than done.

On this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we talk to conversion rate optimization “junkie” Michael Aagaard of Content Verve about his recent blog post, where he explained that your A/B tests are only as good as your hypotheses.

Michael explains that if you don’t quite understand why you’re running a test, then it’s probably not going to yield very useful results.

He came to this realization when he noticed that he was focusing on test quantity over quality. Once he dialed back the amount of tests he was running and amped up his research, his tests starting producing some pretty dramatic results.

Tune in to learn…

  • How Michael went from being the A/B Test Junkie to the Test Hypothesis Dude.
  • A foolproof template for crafting a solid test hypothesis.
  • Michael’s research process for collecting the info he needs to carry out a successful test.
  • How you can take the plunge and get started with A/B testing.

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