Landing Page Optimization by the Numbers [Infographic]

To close out Landing Page Optimization week, I’ve got an infographic for you, loaded with useful stats, now that we’ve drilled LPO into your head.

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My goal with this graphic is to pull the most important stats out for you, to show how you can focus your optimization efforts in the right places.

Page Element Optimization

As most marketers know, your headline is the most crucial element of your page to test.. Your headline affects your brand messaging, message match with ads, and the ability for people to understand what you do quickly. Despite that, only 77% of marketers are testing their headlines. A good number, but if your company is testing then this number should be closer to 100%.

Most disturbing stat below is that 49% of businesses are not optimizing the number of calls-to-action (CTAs) on their pages. For high conversions, there should only be one CTA on a landing page, otherwise you are leaking visitors away from your page left, right and center.

Page Type Optimization

As discussed in the Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization, any page can be considered a landing page – despite this, for marketing purposes, you should be using targeted standalone landing pages. This is something that marketers are starting to learn for promotional purposes. But you still need to optimize the pages on your website for the people arriving via organic search. Below are the 3 pages companies found it hardest to optimize:

  • Shopping Carts: 35% said this was the hardest to optimize. This is no shock as transactional ecommerce processes require a high degree of interaction design and usability experience and testing in order to perfect.
  • Homepages: There are two main reasons why it’s hard to optimize your homepage:
    1. Politics: To change anything on your homepage, you need to get the buy-in from every business function represented there. And if you have a multi-product company, this can be a painstaking process.
    2. Multiple Products: Similarly, if you do have multiple products or services, then your messaging needs to reflect a more general approach, as opposed to being laser focused on a single objective (like a good landing page should).
  • Payment Page: Obviously right? This is the time when people have to ante up and slap down their credit card. To improve your chances of success here, you’ll want to optimize the page using the following techiniques:
    • Trust: This is the biggest. If people don’t trust you, then the credit card goes back in the wallet. Use trust indicators such as a Verisign logo, testimonials from reliable sources, money back guarantees, endorsements from great companies etc.
    • Memory: If you’ve shopped somewhere before, you’d expect to be remembered. The same principles work in the brick and mortar world as online. So let people log in easily and have all of their details ready for a quick purchase.
    • Payment Methods: Don’t lose out on sales because you can’t take Amex or Mastercard. This is exactly the lead-in to comparison shopping that you are trying to avoid.

Copy Optimization

Of data collected from in-house teams, 57% of companies said they had problems finding the expertise to optimize the copy on their pages. This doesn’t surprise me, as there are very few writers that specialize in the optimization of marketing copy.

Well, that’s enough prattling on for me. Take a look at the infographic and see what you can learn. Would love to argue/debate in the comments.

landing page optimization by the numbers

Infographic by Killer Infographics – Click for full size image.


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  • 57% of companies have problems finding the expertise to optimize the copy on their landing pages
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  • Only 77% of marketers who test are testing their headlines
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  • 35% of marketers said shopping carts are the hardest to optimize
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