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These Landing Page Copywriting “Best Practices” Turned Out to Be Conversion Fails

Sometimes conventional wisdom isn’t so wise. Here are three landing page copywriting “best practices” that could be hurting your conversions rates.


3 Excellent Ways to Make Your Landing Page Social Proof Actually Prove Something

The entire point of social proof on your landing page is to influence your visitor in ways copy alone cannot. But what if you have 0 tweets on a post or page? Or 0 testimonials? Here are 3 ways your landing page social proof can turn your visitors’ perceptions around.

How You Can Write High Converting Copy… Without Actually Writing

Check out this free case study in which Joanna from Copy Hackers wrote high converting copy for a client (without actually writing) – and saw a lift of 103%.

The Secrets of Selling Like a Skeazy, Slimy Used Car Salesman

To keep yourself on the straight-and-narrow, check out the secrets of selling like a skeazy, slimy used car salesman – and avoid them on your landing pages!

Want More Leads? How to Create Awesome Digital Content for Your Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are kind of a big deal for lead gen, designed to do one thing only, capture a name and email address, so you can begin marketing to your new leads with things like autoresponders. Learn a simple 5-step process to create awesome digital content for lead gen on a squeeze page.

3 Long-Form Copywriting Tricks You Should Steal

Some of the highest-converting short copy landing pages on the web today are based on simple long-copy principles. Here are 3 copywriting tricks to test on short copy landing pages.

5 Landing Page Headline Formulas You Can Test Today

Writing a high-converting landing page headline can be tough. Why force yourself to write headline copy from scratch when you’ve got 5 headline formulas to get you started and that you can test?

A Practical Marketers Guide to Writing for Conversion

If you wanna know what messages to put on your homepage or landing page, and write great copy, swipe it from your visitors, customers and prospects. Follow this 4-step plan to learn how it’s done.

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