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  • 8 Marketing Posts to Fill Your Prescription with Funny Pills

    Friday’s should be 50% work, 20% fun and 30% chuckle pills…

    Take as many as you like, they’re awesome and make you giggle… (Image source)

    With that in mind, here are some blogs and blog posts, old and new, that will hopefully make you laugh while you slurp back a cold beer. P.s. I’m pretty sure Anna Sawyer from Trada could just do regular funny videos to make my job much easier…

    Eight totally unethically prescribed ways to make you pee your pants at work

    1. 9 Reasons Why Chuck Norris Shouldn’t Work In Marketing: A marketers look at the most baddass man alive. I have to call him that or he’ll roundhouse kick me in the face.
    2. The Funniest Marketing Fails Of All Time (PHOTOS): Forget the nasty design and tiny text – just look at the photos :)
    3. The Sofa King (It’s worth it): Just a single photo, but it deserves it’s place in the sun.
    4. 50 Things Every Marketer Should Do Before They Die: Better get started if you’re gonna do all of these before you croak.
    5. 10 Best Funny Marketing Screw Ups: Funny examples of how big brands can screw themselves by not understanding the different cultures in foreign countries.
    6. 13 Epic Marketing Fails: Examples of how marketing shouldn’t be done.
    7. 16 Ways to Pick up a Marketing Nerd: This simple guide of guaranteed pick-up lines will be your ideal wingman (or get you slapped).
    8. More Conversions Than a Kool-Aid Cult: Using Mind Control to Boost Your Lead Gen Conversion Rate!: As I mentioned, everyone just needs more Anna!

    If you found this funny, tell us what made you laugh in the comments. Or share your own funny marketing links.

    — Oli Gardner

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