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  • [PODCAST] Can Exit Overlays Increase Conversions Without Pissing People Off?

    Exit overlays can increase conversions, but how can you use ’em without pissing prospects off? Image by Hobbstimus via Flickr.

    When we recently published a guest post about exit overlays, we expected it would cause a bit of controversy…

    And boy were we right.

    But as Angus Lynch, Director of Marketing at Rooster explained in the post, there’s a reason that this marketing tactic is so polarizing: Exit overlays convert – but not without pissing some of your prospects off.

    In this episode, Angus tackles some of the comments he received on his post and outlines how exit overlays can score you conversions without negatively impacting user experience.

    Tune in to learn…

    • Why exit overlays are not the same as pop-ups.
    • How to make your exit overlays just a little bit more persuasive with conversion centered design.
    • The story behind how an exit overlay helped Candy Crush achieve an 80.28% increase in conversions.

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    — Stephanie Saretsky


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    • Hi Stephanie,
      I’ve experimented with exit pop ups and have found that having an exit pop that does not reoccur for 14-28 days is a sufficient balance between grabbing the attention and too much interruption. However, I only update my blog 1 or 2 times a week so if someone visits twice a week they will only see the pop up once in every 4 reads.

      Hope this helps your readers,


      Steven Lucas

      • Stephanie Saretsky

        Hi Steven,

        That is a very interesting idea. It’s important to test frequency when you’re thinking of implementing a tool like this. Thanks for listening!

        • Angus Lynch

          Hi Steven,

          I really like that 14/28 day idea…interesting way to walk the line between being effective and possibly annoying customers during active browsing sessions.

          Most of the setups we see use some combination of these targeting rules:

          1. Only new visitors (show only to first-time visitors)
          2. Only returning visitors, shown only once (works well for sites with loyal readership)
          3. Only returning visitors, shown until CTA is clicked (a more aggressive version of #2)
          4. All visitors, seen only once per visitor
          5. All visitors, show until CTA is clicked (most aggressive — not suitable for all campaigns)

          Thanks for the comment!

    • Good episode, but ultimately not that necessary. There’s no reason to apologize for using exit overlays, they polarize and convert – exactly what good marketing does anywhere. Weed out the tire kickers, lookyloos and snobs, while pushing the lukewarm prospects to act. What’s not to like. Of course, like anything, this can be done well and it can be done poorly.

    • Eran

      Is there an exit overlay (or pop up/under) that can safely be used in conjunction with Google AdWords? I know as a general rule they don’t like them, and it’s a good way of getting google smacked, but I vaguely recall reading somewhere that some of them are safe to use with AdWords? Any suggestions on this one please? Thanks.

      • Angus Lynch

        Hi Eran,

        Yes, Google Adwords does allow exit overlays for Adwords campaign.

        They do not allow old-style popups that open a new window and/or hinder the user from leaving the site.

        I published an article on this a few months back, here’s a link http://blog.getrooster.com/google-bings-policy-exit-popups-exit-overlays/

        Bing’s policy is also included in the post.

        Hope that helps and thanks for the comment!