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Hold Tight - 
We're Crunching the Numbers

Hold Tight - We're Crunching The Numbers

Leaders in your industry are getting conversion rates of 12.5%. This page has the potential to convert 4.6x higher.

Your page vs. industry competitors

(based on analyzing 3,066 pages)

What is a good conversion rate for a landing page?

And why knowing the answer to this question isn't enough.

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But why do I need to know what's a good conversion rate for my industry?

It helps to be aware of good landing page conversion rates (and even not-so-good ones) in your industry—you'll know where to invest your optimization efforts to get more clicks and sales with less money.

Think of it this way. If you went beyond simply "What is a good conversion rate" and knew the conversion rate benchmarks for real estate, you could:

Know thy competition with the 
Conversion Benchmark Report.

With a team of data scientists, conversion experts and machine learning technology, we've analyzed 64,284 pages to uncover some neat findings about what's considered to be a good landing page conversion rate, including:

  • Average landing page conversion rates for 10 popular industries (including home improvement, real estate, business consulting, and higher education)

  • How marketers in each industry are performing relative to conversion rate benchmarks

  • How reading ease, page length, and sentiment can lead you to a good conversion rate

Did you know that a 12% conversion rate is pretty good (we're talking better-than-90%-of-your-competitors-good) for lead generation landing pages? 

That's what we found in our analysis of 64,000+ landing pages across 10 popular customer industries. 

Something else that we discovered?

"Good" conversion rates vary drastically between industries.

For example, booking in the travel industry is a very different type of conversion from a lead in the healthcare space.

Pro-tip: Run your pages through the Landing Page Analyzer to see how you're doing and where they can be improved!

Spot the pages with good conversion rates (so you can drive more traffic to them)

Identify pages that have the highest potential for improvement

What is a good conversion rate for my landing page?