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  • 544 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips (now 846 and counting)

    544 landing page conversion optimization tips
    All tips are appreciated. Here's 544 ways to make you landing pages convert more effectively.

    Optimizing your landing pages or website to perform better is a no-brainer, but if you’re short on time or resources then it helps to have a bag full of tricks to kick things off.

    The collection of links below brings together over 500 tips on conversion rate optimization and landing page improvement.

    Naturally, there will be some repetition of the core principles, but it’s a good idea to read the perspective of several experts when forming your own opinion.

    The Art of the Landing Page: 7 Tips For Increasing Conversions
    Tim Ash
    7 fundamental tactics from one of the industry’s established leaders in landing page optimization and testing.
    31 Conversion Optimization Tips – and Counting
    Chris Goward – Wider Funnel
    A great quick read from Chris Goward. If you only have a few minutes to spare this is an excellent way to get your creative and analytical juices flowing.

    108 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate
    Conversion Rate Experts
    A massively long and detailed exploration of conversion optimization covers the concept and discusses how to test your web pages after applying their tips. Includes some great illustrations.
    10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page
    Roberta Rosenberg – Copyblogger
    The Copywriter Maven, Roberta Rosenberg, tackles landing page improvements from the perspective of the writer. Learn how to craft your copy specifically for landing pages from the author of the popular Copyblogger Landing Page Makeover Clinic series.
    7 actionable ideas to optimize e-Commerce website conversions for the holiday season
    Seven things you can do to improve the conversion of your e-commerce sites at the busiest shopping times of the year. This is an interesting and refreshing approach that highlights specific things to do during holiday seasons – rather than just generic advice.
    Why your bounce rate is high and how to fix it – top 6 reasons why visitors immediately exit your website
    If you are new to the idea of conversion optimization, you could use this list to help spot the mistakes you might be making on your website. As they focus on bounce rate, you should do a quick check in Google Analytics to see what your own bounce rate is, and then explore these ideas to try and reduce it.
    3 Tips to Optimize Your Email Landing Pages
    Marc Kline – AWeber
    Marc Kline examines 3 simple ways to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages when arriving via email marketing campaigns. AWeber are one of the leaders in email communication services so they should know a thing or 3 about the subject.
    Optimizing Conversion Rates: It’s All About Usability – 5 Tips
    Frank Puscher – Smashing Magazine
    An examination of how usability principles can be applied to conversion optimization. As with all Smashing Magazine articles, there are great examples to complement the writing.
    31 quick points to instantly understand online conversion
    Khalid Saleh – Invesp
    A really solid introduction to the concept of conversion and a focus on Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign marketing.
    10 techniques for an effective ‘call to action’
    Paul Boag
    10 ways to improve the quality and convertability of your pages by focusing on the Call To Action. Tips include discussion of position, design and messaging.
    13 quick tips to increase online conversion rate via building trust
    Ayat Shukairy – Invesp
    Trust is a fundamental element of brand and conversion success and is the focus of this article. Ways to increase trust and the resulting improvements in conversion rate are discussed.
    6 Tips For Improving High Bounce / Low Conversion Web Pages
    Avinash Kaushik
    Reduce the bounce rate of your landing pages by collecting and understanding customer insight. An excellent perspective on the importance of knowing who your customers are. Lots of examples are provided to illustrate each point.
    The 6 Landing Page Conversion Rate Factors
    Chris Goward – Wider Funnel
    Wider Funnel breaks down the 6 key factors required to improve the lift of your conversion rate.
    10 Landing Page Optimization Tactics
    Larry Chase
    10 ways to improve your return on investment by optimizing your landing pages.
    7 Rules for Landing Page Optimization
    Jonathan Mendez
    Another quick introduction to the concept of landing page optimization. #4 is a good rule to follow to help give your conversions a bit of last minute pep.
    14 Instant Landing Page Upgrades
    Ian – Conversation Marketing
    14 suggestions for how to improve your landing pages for PPC and email marketing campaigns.
    10 Tips for Lead Generation Landing Pages
    Lee Odden & Jon Miller
    Lead generation is the primary goal of landing pages for B2B marketing. In this post 10 tips are provided focused around capturing more leads to reduce your cost per acquisition.
    5 Successful Landing Page Optimization Tips
    Alex Chia
    Discussion of affiliate marketing and the use of professional design to improve the performance of your landing pages.
    30+ principles to a better landing page design
    Khalid Saleh
    More than 30 tips focusing on the art of landing page design. The underlying message here is the importance of understanding your visitors and designing in a manner that communicates to them correctly.
    Design To Sell: 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert
    Dmitry Fadeyev – Smashing Magazine
    How to add a marketing element to your design skills – part 1 of a 2 part series.
    7 More Useful Tips To Help Your Site Convert
    Dmitry Fadeyev – Smashing Magazine
    The second article from Dmitry on designing for conversion optimization. As usual there are a lot of good visual examples presented to illustrate each point.
    Landing Page Optimization For Dummies – 30 Points from the Cheat Sheet
    Michael Harwood
    An overview taken from a book in the popular Dummies series.
    10 Landing Page Optimization Tips
    Jose Uzcategui
    10 best practices and a list of resource links surrounding the idea of optimizing Calls to Action (CTAs).
    5 Landing Page Optimization Tips
    Karen Scharf
    5 tips including one that talks about the importance of what you do on your thank-you page – an often overlooked facet of full-funnel conversion optimization (the parting gesture).
    Top 10 Landing Page Optimization Tips
    Dilip Shaw
    10 best practices tips that discuss the optimization of a landing page and why optimization is different to landing page design.
    7 Tips To Increase Landing Page Conversions
    Lauren Vaccarello – Search Engine Journal
    Simple tips presented clearly with good working examples which aid understanding through extended context.
    Conversion Magnet: 10 Tips to Creating a Brilliant Landing Page
    Matt Jurmann
    Example websites are examined in Matt’s list of 10 landing page conversion tips. He goes into a lot of depth on each point, making it a worthy read.
    Optimizing Conversion Rates: Less Effort, More Customers – 3 Tips
    Frank Puscher – Smashing Magazine
    The theme of this post focuses on the online shopping world, and how to increase your success via better and more suitable advertising and increased trust factors. Includes an interesting comparison of different approaches to shipping costs.
    12 Tips For Designing an Excellent Checkout Process to Improve Conversions
    Dmitry Fadeyev – Smashing Magazine
    The checkout process is a classic conversion process that should receive a lot of focus from usability and optimization experts. In this post Dmitry talks about not requiring registration, being transparent about availability and keeping the experience simple and focused.
    7 Tips to Increase your Landing Page Conversion Rate
    DeWitt’s Media
    15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design
    Cameron Chapman – Smashing Magazine
    I like this approach. By focusing on what NOT to do, Cameron is helping you spot your own mistakes and correct them before they have too big of an impact on your conversion rate. Attention is focused on e-commerce.
    101 Landing Page Optimization Tips
    Oli Gardner – Unbounce
    I couldn’t offer up this list without including my own now could I? In this downloadable PDF you’ll find 101 opinionated tips on all aspects of landing page optimization: from the fundamentals, through trust, testing and how to leverage best practices in your personal workflow to ensure better performing pages.
    21Things That Best Converting Websites Know That You Don’t
    Taken from a Bryan Eisenberg presentation
    So what do the best converting websites have in common? Read on for 21 tips…
    Top 50 Google Website Optimizer Tips on What to Test
    A nice quick list on the types of things you should do when testing your landing pages with GWO.
    105 User Experience Tips: How to Seduce Ecommerce Visitors to Buy
    Darren DeMatas – Intertwine Marketing
    A roundup of useful ecommerce tips with screenshots.

    Thanks to all the websites and authors listed for their great conversion optimization tips.

    Making the web convert better – 1 tip at a time.

    Did I Miss Any Tips? Share Yours Below.

    If you have any articles on the subject of conversion rate optimization or landing page optimization, then please share below.

    Or add your own tip like Ben did in the comments.

    Oli Gardner

    About Oli Gardner
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    • ben

      To optimise conversions you should employ a web analytics provider such as clicktale to show you how your customers enagage with your site. From the results of the aggregate behaviours, real time videos and heatmaps you can mend any deficiencies and make it easier for visitors to your site to become buyers.

    • Oli Gardner

      That makes it 545 tips :)

      Thanks Ben

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    • There goes my Wednesday. Thanks!

      • Oli Gardner

        Lol. Yeah a bit more than just light bedtime reading in there for sure.

    • Great list. Had read a number of them already.

      I'd add the 21 Things that Best Converting Websites Know that You Don't from the talk given by Bryan Eisenberg at SES London. http://www.ahfx.net/weblog/170

    • oligardner

      Thanks for the link. I've added it to the list. I'll have to rename this post soon :)

    • oligardner

      Thanks Philip – we're up to 616 now!

    • The first one to de-dupe these tips into unique tips should win something.

    • Anonymous

      Now THAT would be a long blog post. I’ll donate a free top-level account upgrade to someone that does it.

      • Jim

        Just saw this, haha, wheres my free top-level account! jk…

        • Oli Gardner

          Ha. Good thing I submitted that comment as “anonymous”!

          As your final 80 is less than my own 101, I’m thinking that there are still some missing ;)

          I will do give your account a bit of an upgrade though. Fairs fair.

    • Thanks
      That’s a lot of tips,It mighthave to pull an all nighter to get through this lot Lol

      Awesome post :)

    • a very helpfull bounch of links, thank ya for this !

    • Thanks for putting together this authoritative list of conversion optimization tips. It’s a lot to search through but just one of these could make the difference between success or failure of an online campaign.

    • What a big list.Thanks for putting altogether.

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    • Wow! What a collection… Will take some time to read all this, but sure it has some valuable information. Thanks.

    • This is a good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this informative post

    • wow, that’s a lot of conversion tips to sort through. Now I’ve got to figure out the few that will work for me. I think overwhelming people with tips can cause paralysis by analysis.

      My conversion tip: focus on what your audience wants and deliver it to them.

    • wonderful tips, very informative, I think implementation will take lots of time :)

    • I have a hint too. Don’t trust the clickmaps / heatmaps, they mean nothing and you shouldn’t base decisions on them.

      Most of the heatmaps data are estimates based on where the pointer hovers, but this is not where the users actually look. It’s a flawed system.

      You’d need a test with a device that monitors where the eye is looking, although these exist they are much too expensive for your average website optimizer.

      So the best way would be to test, test and then re-test again.
      Best of luck!

    • Oli Gardner
    • Jackson G

      Just Wow. This is what I was searching for the past 8 days..
      Finally found the treasure Dude ..

      A big Thanks to you :)

    • Incredible collection of resources. Will be pointing our clients and visitors to this page for sure. Thanks for putting this together.

    • Greetings to all, This webpage is good quality and so is the manner in which the issue was developped. I like some of the comments too though I would prefer we remain on the topic so that to add value to the point. It will be also encouraging to the one who penned it down if we all could mention it (for those who use social media such as a delicious, twitter,..). Thanks again.

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    • I read the landing page tips and I liked the one below, as one of our pages we try to get people’s email addresses to send them information on new products and sales. It’s amazing what a few small changes can do:

      5. Experiment With Your Registration Forms: Common wisdom is that you lose 30% of your respondents for each registration field. There are different schools of thought on what to do here:

      Just get an email address so you can start as many new relationships as possible and get more registration info down the road.
      Get a few fields of data so you can more easily qualify your A leads from your B leads and C leads, etc.
      A good rule of thumb I find is ask for only the data the user thinks you’ll need to go about your business. If someone downloads a PDF white paper on industry trends, the visitor typically is sophisticated enough to know you’re considering her as a prospect. So a phone number, title, company, and maybe time frame of purchase seems reasonable. But income level is not.

    • It would be great if this list was updated to reflect optimizing signups on your site for Google +1, Facebook and Twitter. I think these are huge opportunities now and web owners need to know how to get the most conversions from visitors to fans.

    • Hey very nice website!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your site and take the feeds additionally?I’m satisfied to seek out numerous helpful information right here in the put up, we need work out extra techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

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    • Hurtigruten has increased conversion rate by more than 700%: http://hurtigrutenweb.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/how-to-increase-conversion-rates-on-the-web/

    • Merv

      I have a site that is #1 on google but it never gets a conversion. So this site is of tremendous interest to me. I am grateful that a friend has suggested I have a look and bookmark the page.


    • There’s some great links listed here! I especially liked the first, “The Art of the Landing Page: 7 Tips For Increasing Conversions”. Even though it’s a bit old (from 2009), I think all of Tim’s suggestions have stood the test of time in terms of internet retail.

      Removing choices, reducing anxiety (trust seals?), and having a clear call to action are all very important steps in increasing the conversion rate of a checkout page.

    • Awesome post on Bounce Rates.

      I have recently compiled a post listing everything I can find on the reasons behind most Bounce Rates Issues and Recommendations to counter-act them.:


      Hope it helps everyone.

    • Hi Oli,

      I just watched the new SEOMoz webinar and Rand mentioned this page for some heavy tips on CRO. Bookmarked!:-) It’s a great resource, and it also made me sign up for your newsletter:-)

      Thanks again,


      • Oli Gardner

        Hi Endre,
        Glad you found it useful, and thanks for subscribing!

    • Great list of conversion rate tips found here, really is a MUST visit page on the web if you want to increase conversion rate.

      I’d also include the following links. Have you reached more than 1,000 tips yet Oli?

      26 tips

      99 tips

      • Oli Gardner

        Thanks Steven. 741 now – getting there! :)

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    • What a massive and hugely important list! Thanks Oli

      Carter Bowles over at the Northcutt Blog has some interesting tips from science and psychology if you’re interested in adding them to your list.


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    • This list is proof that anyone working on any website can increase conversion rate. Fantastic resource on the web!

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    • Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post.
      Thanks for providing this information.