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If you listen closely you may just be able to hear the resounding chorus of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” followed by a standing ovation, a birthday cake filled with candles and Happy Birthdays for the man himself, Unbounce’s own Mr. Oli Gardner.

Over the last year he’s shared his insights and thoughts, his metaphors and humor, and his uncanny ability to make even the most boring topic fairly relevant. So, in honor of Mr. Landing Pages’ birthday (Jan. 14) we are reviewing his best Unbounce posts of the past year.

Editors Note: Okay, perhaps this is a little self indulgent. But hey, it’s (was) my birthday on Saturday! (Hence the late posting). I hope you can enjoy the humour and my addiction to metaphor as much as I enjoyed writing these posts. Cheers! (to me)…

Why Microconversions are Just Like Dating (Video)

Nobody but Oli would compare micro-conversions to dating and then use “How I Met Your Mother” to illustrate how right he is. Ted Mosby may very well be the only other character who stays up late at night creating such algorithms for life.

10 Social Media Research Strategies to Inject Your Next Blog Post With “Roids”

Performance-enhancing content is examined in this post and Oli hits a home run not only with his list of content “roids,” but where to find them. The secret’s out and the dealer is just a click away. Are you using any “content on drugs” enhancers in your blog?

50 Things Every Marketer Must Do Before They Die

Well, Mr. Gardner, another year has come and gone and you still have quite a bit to do on your very own bucket list. This list not only promotes setting goals, but setting them high. A few favorites: Number Six: Write a real book. Number 34 and 35: Drunk Tweet and Regret drunk tweeting. Number 49: Every time you hire a marketer, give them this list as a task.

The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program (Infographic)

Even though he used the infamous Denial isn’t a river in Egypt joke, Oli really works to help struggling sites that have hit rock bottom work their way back to the top. The 12-steps provide “ah-ha” moments and work as a sponsor to help prevent relapse into old habits.

A/B Testing is DEAD! Ask a HiPPO Instead… and The HiPPOs Have Left the Building…A/B Testing Is Back

It appeared to be a legitimate post submitted the day before April Fools Day. Here Oli takes a look at how the advice of HiPPOs (High Paid Person’s Opinion) is just as good as the insight gleaned from A/B testing. But, alas it was just a great set-up for an elaborate April Fool’s Joke. However, the fake panel of HiPPOs gave some phenomenal landing-page advice.

My favorite Q&A:
“How do I decrease My Bounce rate oh wise HiPPO?”
“If your bounce rate is high, you should try adding some Javascript to freeze the page for 2 minutes so people’ can’t leave. Yup, that’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

Would You Change Your Name for SEO?

Mr. Landing Pages, or Oli, as he’s known to the rest of us, takes into consideration changing his legal name to rank him higher in SEO. It didn’t really work for “American Trout Fishing” and costs around $850, but it does make for a good conversation. Maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z are expanding their empire to establish a high-end greenhouse operation?

The MR. MEN Guide to Landing Pages, Conversion & Absurd Metaphors

Well done, birthday boy. Well done! This is a great representation of a cast of characters, good and bad, that has taken over the world of landing pages. Oli’s love of metaphors and the MR. MEN books has finally come together to create a masterpiece. If you had to pick, which character would you be?

Your Landing Page Sucks! Here are 10 Examples That Don’t…

With a presumptive tone that your page sucks (even though he admittedly acknowledges that he hasn’t seen it) Oli takes a look at 10 great landing pages and what makes them so great. He offers some quick tips on how to make them better, but overall if you follow his lead, you too can have a great landing page.

When CTA’s Attack

With a brain that never stops, Oli has taken real world CTAs (calls to action) to task, calling out some of the most in-your-face examples. Each offers a moral behind its story that transcends the digital world. Our favorite: The FarSide-esq push/pull signs complete with the original cartoon!

Happy Birthday, Oli.

It is with great hope that your year brings health, prosperity and happiness to you and your family. I can only hope that you continue to bring to light more of your witty commentaries, obnoxious (yet, oh so true) metaphors and business-changing ideas.

— Angela Stringfellow

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