14 Times In Business You Should A/B Test [INFOGRAPHIC]

People are funny — they often have a tendency to confuse their opinions with legitimate facts (myself included). This is true IRL and this is true in business.

Have you ever heard some iteration of this? “We’ll get way more conversions if we make the button orange — I read somewhere that the button has to be orange.” Or what about this one? “People hate pop-ups. You should never use pop-ups.”

Sometimes our biases get in the way of uncovering the truth, which is why it’s so important to test, test, TEST. Yep, A/B testing is the only way you can truly know whether the hunch — or better yet, your hypothesis — is true.

The infographic below by A/B testing software company VWO highlights a few opportunities for testing. Yes, it’s a tad tongue in cheek, but the underlying message is this: If you have a hunch, build your hypothesis around that hunch and test it. Only then will you truly know whether your hunch is valid or whether you’ve fallen victim to your own biases.


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  1. Ferdinand Marte

    Hahaha. And I thought it’s going to be a gloomy day at the office. Your infographic just brightened up my day and my task. Thanks.

    • Amy Wood

      Lol glad to hear it, Ferdinand! I had a good chuckle myself when I stumbled on this one.

  2. nho ninh thuận

    it’s going to be a gloomy day at the office

  3. Jamil

    Great article! That infographic nails it. We’ve been a/b testing our hypotheses for what will convert better at http://www.method.me and have seen solid gains.

  4. Local SEO Tool

    Great infographic !

    A/B testing is the best way to compare two versions of a web page to check to which one is performing better. This way you can figure out the best marketing strategies for your business.

  5. Bharat

    A/B Testing is an important aspect in SEO also. Great infographics. Easy to understand.

  6. Siddique Khan

    Good article . for better understand you also give example with images.
    yes . A/B testing is very important because through A/B test we can decide which one is better or which one public or user demand .Through this we reach at firm decision.

  7. Monse O.

    Amy, I loved your infographic on split testing. Very cute and fitting! Here’s a useful link I think would pair nicely with your post: (See Chapter 6) https://www.thoughtworks.com/insights/blog/what-10x-content-and-why-does-it-matter

  8. balakrishna

    I appreciate it intended for giving, beyond doubt When i go along with many within this document can be quite practical and usable, good to know in addition to realize what we’ve got to complete in addition to what exactly end users wish