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A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

landing page optimization checklist

You think your landing page is top-notch, right? Maybe. Perhaps. Probably not. Most landing pages suck and it’s easy to run a marketing campaign that doesn’t deliver the results you’re hoping for. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Admitting you need help is the first step towards making your page better. But how do you do it? It’s not like there’s a 12-step program for this type of thing. Actually, there is. But for the sake of making this post meaningful, let’s pretend there isn’t.

Using the Checklist

To find out how good your landing page is, check off everything you are currently doing and you’ll see your score add up in the counters (hopefully a lot). This will show you how good or bad your page is, and after you’re finished you can make a to-do list from the remaining items.

Total Score: 0/50

Note 1: If the checklist item doesn’t apply to you (e.g. it mentions video or a form when you don’t have one on your page), then check the box anyway.

Note 2: If the counter isn’t going up when you check all those boxes, give the page a refresh. It’s finicky.

Total Score: 0/50

So what’s your score? It would be great if you’d share it in the comments to show how great a marketer you are. And remember to take the unchecked items and use them as your to-do list.

– Oli Gardner

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About Oli Gardner
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  1. Oli Gardner

    w00t – I got 43/50 = 86%

    Remember to show your scores and I’ll give you feedback if you also share where you didn’t check the boxes.

  2. deborah

    very purposeful!!thanks!!

  3. Why is this required

    Very disappointed ! I started to take your test, then realised half of it isn’t relevant. I thought I might comment so I clicked on

    • The Asian Casanova

      This is a solid checklit, I’ve used it multiple times already. It might have to be tweaked if you were building a page ALSO for SEO. But its its just direct paid, go all out!

  4. Why is this required

    the bold bits above. Which don’t go anywhere. Then I got asked to fill in a form !!!!! in order to leave a comment. Wow – so dotcom 1.0.

    • Oli Gardner

      Not sure what you’re meaning here. Every blog has a form to leave a comment.

      • John

        I think he expects pre-integrated single sign on, like one-click through facebook/twitter, or whatever. Less information exposure that way.

  5. Steph

    Hey this is super useful Oli… I will definitely be using this in the future. Thanks!

  6. Pat Thomas

    You should sell this-it’s just that valuable! I am in the process of testing–I’m a new blogger

  7. Garerth


  8. Niels

    35/50 but it’s for a smartphone product page so a lot of the questions regarding forms and such were irrelevant. But this is good inspiration for my own check lists.

    And you gave me an idea about using light boxes to hide some information which is only interesting for people paying through installments. That would make Steve Krug happy :-)

  9. DA Lewis

    34/50, higher because of non-relevant bits. Good ideas to consider as I go forward. Thanks for sharing.

  10. ashok

    Too long a list ..waste of time ..impractical

    • Oli Gardner

      Any reason why?

    • Teej

      @ashok, would love to see your list and how yours doesn’t waste time, and the things that make your list practical! Thanks for “sharing”..

  11. Norixism

    What’s CTS? What’s CTA? We don’t all speak landing-pagese…

    I’m guessing CTA is Click Through Action?

    • Oli Gardner

      CTA is call to action. Apologies if I didn’t explain it at the start of the post. It’s the thing you want people to do/click on to complete your conversion goal.

  12. Chris

    1.) Great post. Definitely useful for startups and those of us working online.

    2.) Loved your “about the author.” Writing like that always weirds me out.

    3.) By trying to include all these things, do you think you could run the risk of cramming too much stuff in at once, and ultimately end up detracting from the page as a whole?

  13. Chris Millard

    It wont let me comment–keeps saying it’s a duplicate even though I’ve yet to post anything. refreshed page doesn’t work, trying new content…

  14. Chris Millard

    Ok so that worked. Let’s try to Original Comment:

    1.) Great post. Definitely useful for startups and those of us working online.

    2.) Loved your “about the author.” Writing like that always weirds me out.

    3.) By trying to include all these things, do you think you could run the risk of cramming too much stuff in at once, and ultimately end up detracting from the page as a whole?

    • Oli Gardner

      Thanks Chris – great comment.
      Yeah, I don’t think I made it clear enough that these are things you should be doing, but just in your use of landing pages in your marketing in general. Doing them all on the same page might work out great, but they aren’t all about the same type of page. Some are lead gen, some click-through, some with and without video etc. So really it’s about checking off things that you *have* done and then learning from what you haven’t.

      Make sense?

      • Chris

        Totally. I guess it would be good to check everything that you can, but maybe write out a one-sentence explanation for why a certain list item wouldn’t work, rather than just passing it off as N/A. I know I might fall into the trap of saying something isn’t relevant if it’s really hard and I don’t want to do it.

        I think the post did a great job of crystalizing some of the larger markering concepts (like in #12 and #14), but also amalgamating all the little things that we sometimes forget (say, #16 and #24). Thanks for the advice!

  15. Alexander

    Really great post Oil. Now, do you have an example of a 40+ landing page that meets these criteria that I could look at for inspiration? If you do, that would be really helpful!

  16. Donna

    I’m a big fan of checklists and this is one I’m happy to share. Just wanted to add that I like Alexander’s suggestion that examples would be helpful.
    Thank you for this!

  17. Carol Lynn

    Love this! So thorough and entirely useful. The scoring is great – you know how we all love our numbers. It’s always helpful to check against something like this and work for that “perfect score”. Will be bookmarking and keeping this one.

  18. Tim Cull

    Man, I’ve got some homework to do :(

    Incidentally, anyone have a good link for doing things like getting rid of the main nav bars on landing pages when using WordPress as a CMS?

  19. Becky Miller

    22. fAIL.

  20. WOW SEO Solutions

    I don’t think so all 50 points for checking the ultimate landing page is helpful. I think you must more search about this and you will get definitely good ideas.

  21. William

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  22. Michael

    The 50 points checklist overwhelmed me. However, the first 10 of the entire checklist provides great overview. Headlines are the true eye-catcher of a landing page, and up to this time, I’m still learning. The rest of this list would be my homework now.

  23. Web Design Firm

    Oli thanks for the great checklist. 50 items could be a lot but if followed one can’t lose.

  24. bathmate

    35/50,yes,it is nice score

  25. Greg

    The number one thing I did to reduce my bounce rate is provide real high quality content. After writing it I re-read it over again, check spelling, and use the header tags and a lot of images. People seem to love images. My first site- 90% bounce rate. Sites these days- 60%.

    I think number 25 is most important to most review style websites man. If your information cannot be verified then why should anyone trust you. I leave websites that dont appear to be legitimate immediately.

  26. Specialista SEO

    That is for sure the ultimate landing page checklist, very good!

  27. Gertrude

    Wonderful post! We are linking to this great article on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.


    Thanks Oli for compiling this list. I think as an experienced blogger I too have learnt something new. Whilst we may not be able to get all the 50 points on board when creating a landing page, it certainly helps us keep on track.


  29. Claus Bermann

    Working with landing pages every day I can agree on most points on the checklist.

    Always be testing :-)

  30. Mark Thorsen

    Would be nice if you linked to a how to guide, for every single point. Know it is quite a task, but you must have a lot of the content already?

    • Mike McEvoy

      I agree Mark. If not a full-on How-To guide, maybe just a few sentences or a paragraph or two about each item on the check list. A bit of extra insight about each item would be great.

  31. Chris

    Engagement is key to a low bounce rate. Many people rely heavily on content without every considering video, info graphics, or interactive features. Time on page and bounce rate are more crucial to nail more than ever now and a checklist is a perfect reality check of what are are and are not doing to benefit from a good landing page.

  32. Patricia

    I love checklists ! This one is just amazing. Is there a possibility to download it in a pdf? thanks.


  33. Randall Magwood

    Awesome 50 point checklist. Maybe after implementing these tips Adwords will approve my account lol.

  34. Adam lundquis

    Would be cool if people posted their pages to provide feedback – I may do that

  35. consulente seo

    This is definitely the web landing page checklist most complete ever seen, great job

  36. Adam Lundquist

    I see one about optimizing to have a landing page score above 7 – is there a link for how to do this?

  37. PJ Christie

    My client has a 25 on the page. I’m wanting to use this to make the case to move it out of house.

  38. harry

    I see one about optimizing to have a landing page score above 7 – is there a link for how to do this?

  39. Ulyana

    Thanks Oli, great list, so many things to do.. =)

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